My wish for you

As an avid deer and dove hunter I have had the privilege in years past to hunt with an exceptional dog named Oreo. Oreo was my father in law’s dog but he was my dog when it came time to hunt. Our relationship was unbelievable.  Oreo had no formal training and everything that he did came from his bloodlines. His abilities were written in his DNA.  WHAT A DOG!  Oreo has been gone for several years now and I still think of him often when I am bird hunting and he will always have a special place in my heart.

 All I can say to those of you that hunt is if you have never been able to hunt with a dog who's drive is also fueled by his/her desire to please, then YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING! It’s a feeling of being with your best friend while hunting that I cannot put into words. THIS IS MY WISH FOR YOU!

As I near the age of retirement I have been trying to come up with something that I could do that I would enjoy and would help keep me active, thus Lonesome Duck Retrievers was created.

I am not about quantity but quality, my goal is to offer 2 to 4 litters of “field bred” Labrador retriever puppies per year. These puppies will come from good quality Sire and Dames with a documented pedigree showing strong hunting bloodlines as well as great temperament when not in the field.  


Happy hunting and a long lasting relationship with your pup.

Choosing and creating the amazing animals that make up Lonesome Duck Retrievers has been a very thorough and enjoyable process.  It has been a pleasure scouring the n United States for breeding’s of intelligent, driven, birdy, but calm and trainable dogs. Bringing in different colors, different temperaments, different breeding goals (for example pointing Labs), to produce a line of females that can produce something for any Labrador buyer and any hunter. 

We specifically shop for breedings that combine a solid pedigree- genetic predispositions for high drive, advanced intelligence and trainability; we only purchase puppies whose parents have been genetically tested to be sure that all of our dogs are free of genetic diseases, have only OFA passing hip and elbow ratings and have active titles from the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Hunting Retriever Club (HRC). 

Once purchased we attempt to secure top pick of each litter, we want to have the capability to meet each litter and through temperament testing, we strive to choose a puppy that is strong, confident, people oriented, birdy, but still has that off switch- the ability to curl up at your feet and take a nap after a good romp and play, our goal is the perfectly balanced dog.

Once we bring our puppies home, we raise each female in our home until she is 6 months old, she is crate trained, potty trained, socializes with our Chihuahua’s, our cats, our grandchildren, even with our horses through the fence.  This advanced social environment gives us the opportunity to truly observe the temperaments of our females, where they excel and if they need any work in other areas.  


At completion of training, each dog is run in any AKC or HRC test that they are capable of completing.  We plan to dual title each of our dogs to help make their pedigrees more valuable to you as a consumer.  Titles on a dog are your insurance policy as a buyer that our dogs really can do what we say they can do.   Our goal is to achieve at the very least, a Canine Good Citizen (CGC), HRC Started (SHR) and AKC Junior Hunter (JH) title on each of our dogs.  Those dogs that show particular promise may complete more advanced training. 

Once our dogs have completed their training and titles, they finally get to come home to us!  We constructed a beautiful 8 run kennel between two shade trees at our home to accommodate all of our dogs. 

Ideally, we would like our females to have the opportunity to hunt and live in a home, but with this many dogs and new puppies on the way, it could become too much.  For this reason we are seeking Co-Ownerships with reliable customers whom we already have a relationship with. 

Have you ever dreamed of having a fine hunting dog, all the training, all the titles, but not having to put the thousands of dollars into it?  Here’s your chance!  A Co-ownership gives you the opportunity to have that amazingly well trained dog most of the time, when she is not breeding at Lonesome Duck Retrievers.  Every 2 years or so, when the time comes for her to have a litter, you simply return her our kennels for a few months and pick her up when she’s done!  When her breeding life span has come to an end, we spay her and she becomes your dog. 

If your interested or would like more information about our Co-Ownership program, please contact us!